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Malkat is a well-known musician in her own right. Taking the Tubbel to new heights around the world. From Australia to Lebanon, Lebanon to the U.A.E; the middle east has truly opened its doors to young ladies that are revolutionizing the folklore image.

In the last decade, women only functions have evolved from small intimate gatherings, to full scale festivities. Rhonda has become an integral part of the “ladies only” entertainment sector. Bringing not only the heart pumping and thundering sounds of bass; but also, heart, soul and pure love in every strike when she hits the centre of the Tubbel.

Malkat is in much demand, so be the envy of your friends and let them speak of your special day for years to come.  Malkat is available on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram and can be reached on +61405264707 (Australia)

Alternatively, the form below can used if email is more convenient for you 😊